Welcome to the Aurora Point Mountain Chateau
The most technologically advanced luxury vacation rental in the country.

This seven-bedroom estate with 4 master suites, 3 hot tubs and 2 HD Theaters - including a 4-D Gaming Theater - Aurora Point is not so much a house as a private entertainment complex. Aurora Point is the flagship in a series of luxury vacation rental properties, conceived by an award-winning developer and the result of a highly creative collaboration of world-class designers, including engineers who have helped shape Walt Disney World.

Why you will have more fun here than anywhere else?
Because Aurora wasn’t designed like a traditional house. It represents 7 years of brainstorming with customers on how groups of couples, children and families would love to live, laugh and have fun together. Then the owner threw over-improving caution to the wind, hired theme park designers, and installed the best commercial-cooking, computer and entertainment systems in places where adults congregate. Equal thought went into creating dream spaces where parents and children gather, laugh, and make memories together. And there is a 4-D game room that is so incredibly appealing to children that they are all but guaranteed to say, “Thanks Daddy, this is the best vacation ever”!

In addition, there are multiple personal havens to retreat to when couples need their own space. We realize that several family members often share the rental cost, so Aurora boasts four equally luxurious master bedrooms, including a two-bedroom family suite that can be connected via a common bath.

Each master bed/bath is a visual feast of polished marble, lighted, etched glass art and finely finished mahogany that frames breathtaking views of ski slopes, lakes, Canaan Valley and the magnificent Dolly Sods National Park mountain rim. The custom five-foot wide by nine-foot tall mahogany and beveled glass suite entrances are works of art. Inside you will find exceptional features, such as 55-inch flat screens, surround sound stereos with iPod hook-ups, and Yamaha speakers in the bath and shower. Each suite has unique elements, including sunken bathrooms, couples Jacuzzis, an LED-lighted sky-blue ceiling, and a regal bed on an elevated platform with a panoramic view.