"Is this a house and who owns it?"
Slopes to Sands Dream Vacation Homes are owned by the Cacciutti family, close friends and relatives. Each masterpiece is the work of former automotive designer John Giovanni Cacciutti who now makes a hobby out of constructing luxurious and entertaining Estates, Villas, and Chateaus for the sole purpose of spending quality time with family and friends. Maximizing fun for all ages is his passion and it is obvious in the wildly creative and entertaining design elements in these properties.

However, these creations are only rented a limited number of times each year to families who understand that these are not hotels and respect them as very exquisite homes. Occupancy is by invitation - after a short screening process - and the Cacciutti family requests that invited guests report irregularities upon check-in and kindly leave these homes the way they were on arrival.

"What is the difference between the security deposit and reservation deposit?"
Your reservation deposit is the $750 deposit you paid via PayPal which is applied towards your total stay. Your security deposit, which you are also responsible for is the $750 check that we hold and return to you within 30 days if the house was left in the condition in which it was received.

"Are video games provided?"
We suggest you bring your own games. Some games are currently in the home - however, sometimes the games we provide are accidently misplaced or taken and therefore we ask that you bring your own.

"Where do I get my keys to the house?"
The Aurora Point has key code access and the password will be provided to you prior to your stay.

"Are Coffee Filters Provided?"

We suggest that you bring your own coffee filters. Many of our tenants have left behind loads of coffee filters, however it is not provided by us and is not guaranteed to be there.

"How do we use the Griddle?"
The griddle should only be used by chefs with restaurant experience who have cooked on a griddles before and know how to clean them. Even though this is a commercial griddle, keep in mind it is used in a house with a home exhaust. It is designed for tappan-yaki style cooking lean meats and vegitables and should NEVER BE USED FOR cooking fatty, grease laden foods like hamburgers or it could start a fire in the exhaust. IN CASE OF FIRE ON THE GRIDDLE - SHUT THE ELECTRIC BURNERS OFF AND USE THE CHROME COLORED FIRE EXTINGUISHER, MOUNTED TO THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE REFRIGERATOR.

This tutorial video Griddle Video was created, to give experienced commercial chefs, tips on how to operate the griddle at our Himmlischer Chateau. The griddle at Aurora is the same but is electric instead of gas. Please keep children away from the griddle and be aware that the granite surfaces around the griddle also get hot. There is never a reason to use full heat, always keep a cool side to the grill and the burners should be shut-off immediately when not needed to avoid spreading heat to surrounding surfaces. The chef, by his use of the equipment, acknowledges that he has commercial experience operating and cleaning griddles and will indemnify and hold the owners harmless of any damages or injurys that may result from using the griddle or failing to keep people from touching the griddle and nearby granite surfaces.

"How do we use the electronics in the house?"
Please refer to the printed house manual for instructions to operate the electronics

Check - in Time 4:00 PM Check-out Time 11:AM - Aurora Point is seldom vacant and it is a very big house with many electronics and things for our staff to check in the short changeover time between rentals so please do not arrive before 4 PM on check-in day and please leave the home the way you found it and vacate no latter than 11 AM on check-out day.