Why Aurora’s views are unrivaled!
The house is built on arguably the best lot in all of West Virginia. It is a unique point close to the center of Timberline Four Seasons Resort with Alpine ski slopes and horse and mountain-bike trails on both sides of the peninsula lot, as well as a tennis court, zip lines, restaurant and bar in the same resort.
The ski slopes afford breathtaking views all the way down to the lakes in Canaan Valley and up to the Dolly Sods Mountain Ridges. However, what really make Aurora’s views better are the painstaking design elements that deliver these stunning vistas to more vantage points than in any other home.

For instance, the architects drew sightlines from the master bedroom pillows, and built platforms under entire bedrooms so that guests are greeted with spectacular views each morning as soon as they open their eyes and before they even lift their heads. They also elevated the Jacuzzi tubs to the window sills and provided direct mountain-front views through one-way mirrored windows at the bathroom sinks and in the showers! So whether you just woke up or are brushing your teeth or bathing, you won’t miss a minute of the gorgeous views that you came here for. On the top floor, the entire kitchen and dining room are built on a platform so that you can see over the sunken living room.  In addition, we lowered the outside deck so that the mountain view comes right into the living room and kitchen, instead of struggling to see it through the porch furniture.  The outside deck railings are made out of glass so that guests can appreciate the wildlife, horseback riders and mountain bikers while seated on the porch. Three of the four master bedrooms are elevated - some entirely - on a platform to facilitate the best view…..just another example of how expense and caution to over-improve were thrown to the wind.

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