In the center of attractions and with a new highway built right to it!

Aurora Point is located at the crossroads of several ski-slopes and trails, in the heart of Timberline Four Seasons Resort and the Canaan Valley Tourist area and a brand new highway has just been built to help you get here.

Corridor “H” highway (Route 48) was designed for the purpose to reduce travel time and make it easier for vacationers to visit this area from big cities in the east such as Baltimore, and Washington, DC. When completed the highway will stretch from the Virginia border right to Davis, WV – the city that Aurora Point is in. As of February 2014, approximately 60 miles of it has already opened and is one of the most scenic drives in America.

Address: 153 Hillside Road, Davis WV, 26260

Note: Note: Do not use MapQuest or other GPS Navigation System directions to find the house.

For Directions from major cities please download the directions PDF File which will take you to Timberline Drive.

For the final turns and directions from Timberline Drive to the resort, please download the
Turns PDF File.